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Topic(s): Alt Vehicles / Auto Industry / Car Culture
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Oh, absolutely. Well, yeah, I mean, you know, personal computers crash, fail, have to be rebooted, the quality tolerance that people have for personal computers, the car makers would love to get that from their customers. They don't get anything of the kind. It has to be, you know, 100 percent reliable, sort of NASA levels of quality. That's not cheap. They know how to do it, but it's not cheap.

And again, I mean, I think part of the problem, although I don't know that this is the worst problem. Part of the problem with new technology, say fuel cells, or even lithium ion battery cars, which they're working on, does come down to this demand for hundred percent reliability. You can't accept, you know, PC industry levels of quality in the auto industry and I think that's part of what the car makers struggle with, is they try to think, "Well, what can we do that isn't an internal combustion engine because that we know, that we've got figured out."



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