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Topic(s): Auto Industry / Car Culture / Renewable
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I think the auto industry has a huge cognitive dissonance issue that it has to- that it struggles with every day. You know, on the one hand I think that there are people within all of the big auto companies who, if they could figure out how to, in a competitive way, bring out cars that basically ran on water or ran- got a hundred miles to the gallon, or any of that stuff, they would do it tomorrow. I mean, why not? I think they're sincere when they say that.

Then there's the marketing department, which comes in and basically says, "Look, folks, you know, the old values still apply." What people want out of a car or a truck is they want power, they want a feeling of mastery, they want a feeling that they are, you know, the king of the road, they want a feeling they can go anywhere and do anything, ultimate capability, even if, you know, look, 95 percent of us use whatever it is that we buy to go to and from work and to and from shopping at speeds well under sixty miles an hour because of the congestion.

You know, that's just the way it is. But that's not romantic and that's not profitable. So I think there is this real kind of, it's cognitive dissonance because they all kind of know better but, you know, sex sells, power sells, you know, big sells, to some people and it's hard to give that up, it's hard to give that up.



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