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Topic(s): Alt Vehicles / Car Culture / Future Transport
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There's a segment of the consumer, and you can look at, you can see it when you look at sales statistics, I mean, these are the people who are buying Priuses, these are the people who are buying Honda Civics, these are the people who are buying Toyota Yarises, which is a very small, very European car—it's not at all like your typical American car. Those people clearly have said, "You know what? This stuff about being big and bold and V-8 is just bogus. I don't need that any more, I want a car—I feel smart if I'm in a 4 cylinder car that's getting 40 mpg."

But there's a big segment that says, "You know what? It's what I want, I want a big, I want something big, I've got stuff to haul, I want to feel...." And in the luxury market, this is absolutely true. And the luxury market's really growing faster than most other segments of the market and in the luxury market there has been no- there's been no sort of turning away from, you know, the big is better and the more powerful is better and the more sophisticated and the heavier is better. Not really. That's still kind of, I mean, the ultimate car is still a 12-cylinder German sedan, that hasn't changed.



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