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Topic(s): Car Culture
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So I think the idea that, you know, I'm master of my fate, I can jump in my car and you know, I can basically live a Bruce Springsteen song and drive all night and all that stuff, I think that's a big part of the romance of the industry which the industry has sold. Because again, I mean, if you're not selling that, I mean, all you're doing is selling, you know, a washing machine with four wheels. That's not much of a business. And you don't- people don't have to pay 35 or 50 or 100 thousand bucks for a washing machine with wheels. I mean if you wanted that you could have a Trabant like in East Germany, you know. All you need is the Trabant, 60 horsepower; it'll get you where you want to go. It's not how we are.



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