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Topic(s): Car Culture
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I think the thing is that if you look at the United States, the way our society works and the way- where people live, the way they live, is so bound up now in, or with having relatively cheap at-command transportation also known as your own car. You know, most places have lousy to no bus systems, most places have lousy to no railroad, most offices are distant from where people live. If you work in an office and even if you work in a factory it's that way.

Yes, some people, a lot of people work out of their homes but they still shop distant from where they live. All of this, I mean, you look high and low in American society and I think it's all kind of predicated on this idea that you don't have to live anywhere in particular as long as you can drive to wherever you have to be. It's changed the way our cities are, it's changed urban development, you know, sprawl, all that stuff.



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