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  • Create a presentation on an alternative fuel or technology. Group the class into four teams and assign each team one of the following alternative fuels or technologies: hydrogen fuel cells, ethanol fuel, hybrid-electric cars, and energy-efficient technologies. Ask each team to use clips from the "Car of the Future" Open Content Web site, along with additional materials if desired, to create a short presentation on their assigned topic.

  • Develop a commercial promoting a "car of the future." Tell the class they are working for an advertising agency that wants to develop a television commercial to promote a new "car of the future." Group the class into teams, and ask each team to select the "future" car they wish to promote. Then have the teams use the "Car of the Future" Open Content clips and additional voice-overs to create a 30-second to one-minute video ad. If you wish, you can have students vote on the final ad they think the company should air.

  • Profile a scientist or an inventor. Have teams of students select one of the scientists or inventors featured in the "Car of the Future" program to profile. Ask students to first research the scientist or inventor they have selected, and then use that research along with relevant clips to create a short feature on that person. Have students present their final piece to the class.

  • Create a "mini" documentary on the problems caused by gasoline-powered vehicles. Explain to students that they will be doing an investigation into the problems caused by gasoline-powered vehicles in the United States and producing a short (five- to ten-minute) "mini" documentary about the topic. Group the class into teams. Ask the teams to research the effect gasoline-powered vehicles have on such factors as the economy, the environment, and public health. After students have completed their research, have them browse through the available "Car of the Future" Open Content clips and plan out their videos. If necessary, help them to acquire and/or create additional materials for their videos.



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