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12.18.06 Keep It Coming

Producers Joe Seamans and Janet Smith are now "in the field" shooting some of their first interviews and sequences for the documentary. (We use the term "field" loosely—the labs and offices of MIT and Dartmouth aren't exactly the Kalahari.) But we wanted to offer you a quick update from NOVA Central:

In the two weeks since the "Car of the Future: Open Production" site was launched at the end of November, we have received nearly 500 questions for our experts and ideas for the program. There has also been a lively dialogue on the PBS Discussion Board, where highly informed and passionate folks are sharing their perspectives and answering one another's questions.

So, first of all, we want to say thanks. Your specific ideas and questions are both reminding us of issues we should include in the show as well as sparking new possibilities. Some of you have mentioned other experts you'd like to see interviewed, such as a representative from the auto industry, and we're responding to these suggestions.

One of the challenges, of course, in producing "Car of the Future" is covering such a big topic in a single hour. There are many technologies and policy ideas that could be investigated in this show—subjects that many of you feel strongly about. We will only be able to look at a subset in the documentary itself.

Fortunately, there will also be a companion Web site to help address issues that don't fit into the program and offer elaboration on those that are included. The feedback you are providing will influence not just the final documentary but the Web site and outreach materials that go to educators and students.

In the coming weeks, Joe and Janet will offer their own update and fill you in about their most recent shoot. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue e-mailing your questions and ideas. Also, let us know if you'd like to be notified about the broadcast date.

Again, thanks for your input and support.
—Susan K. Lewis, Editor, NOVA online

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