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Leopards of the Night

Hoping for her first big break, aspiring nature filmmaker Emmy Seeker was screening her new film on African leopards for a packed audience of well-known producers, directors, and movie stars. The footage showed a solitary leopard hauling its freshly killed prey, a large Puku with bright red blood dripping down its neck, up a tree.

"This is the first time leopards have been filmed hunting on a moonless, pitch-black night," Emmy boasted.

"No, it's not," responded a producer in the audience. "And this screening is over, because you're a fake!"

What made the producer say that?

(Check out this week's website, Leopards of the Night. It's packed with helpful hints.) Leopards of the Night

  1. There is no such animal as a Puku..

  2. Leopards can't carry large prey up a tree.

  3. Leopards hunt and eat their prey in groups, not alone.

  4. Leopards hunt only in the daytime.

  5. If it had been a truly pitch-black night, the blood dripping down the Puku's neck in Emmy's footage could not have looked "bright red."

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