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Ice Mummies

Most dead bodies decompose rapidly—a process known as putrefaction. A mummy, however, retains some of its soft tissues (skin, muscles, or organs) long after death. Which of the following set of circumstances can produce this post-mortem staying power?

(Check out this week's website, Ice Mummies. It's packed with helpful hints.) Ice Mummies

  1. Injecting formaldehyde and wood alcohol into a corpse's veins.

  2. Exposing to high temperatures, dry soil, and low humidity.

  3. Removing the internal organs, packing the body in natron, and then smearing the body with warm resin and wrapping it in long linen strips.

  4. Burying in cold, deep, stagnant water that contains natural acids.

  5. Freezing the body and its internal organs.

  6. All of the above.

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