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Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude

"That land is...

A.)...Havana!" (longitude: about 82 degrees west of Greenwich)
Close, but no cigar. Remember, Greenwich lies about 82 degrees east of Havana. If the Earth rotates from west to east at 15 degrees per hour, it's high noon in Havana about five and a half hours later than in Greenwich, not four hours forty minutes. Not only that, Havana lies at latitude 23 not 42 degrees north! Give it another shot.

"It must be...

A.) Havana!" (longitude: about 82 degrees west of Greenwich)
B.) Chicago!" (longitude: about 88 degrees west)
C.) Tashkent, Uzebekistan!" (longitude: about 70 degrees east)
D.) Cape Cod!" (longitude: about 70 degrees west)

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