Robot: "Prospect Eleven"

Body: 2005 GMC Canyon

Affiliation: Princeton University

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Leader: Prof. Alain Kornhauser

Team size: 1 professor and 1 grad student (supervisors) and 12 undergrads (who did all the work) over 18 months

Budget: $125,000, including all travel expenses, hardware, and summer stipends for students

Key technologies: Stereo vision as only environment sensor

Biggest challenge(s): Using stereo vision as only sensor; not enough money to buy laser; team of all undergraduates; started from absolute zero

Race results: Out of race at 9.4 miles

What they're up to now: Finishing college; doing investment banking at Merrill Lynch; working on helicopters at Boeing Aerospace

Where the vehicle is now: At Princeton, where we are continuing to improve it