Robot: "DEXTER" (Deployable Extreme Terrain Enabled Robot)

Body: Custom chassis by Lothringer Engineering

Affiliation: ENSCO, Inc.

Hometown: Springfield, VA

Leaders: Gary Carr, Brian Mee

Team size: 18

Budget: $500,000

Key technologies: lidar, stereo camera, differential GPS

Biggest challenge(s): Convincing top-notch scientists and engineers that volunteering all their free time was not optional. And, when this failed, convincing them that pizza was generous compensation for their all-nighters.

Race results: Out of race at 81 miles: tire blowout after going off-course due to a network communication failure.

What they're up to now: Refining Dexter while eagerly hoping for and awaiting the announcement of a new competition.

Where the vehicle is now: Based in Springfield, the vehicle has been touring to various events, such as the Washington, D.C. Auto Show, GMU Engineers Week, and ENSCO's Gettysburg Office Grand Opening.