9 Minerals That Totally Rock

  • By Saad Amer
  • Posted 07.19.17
  • NOVA

From sea creatures to cityscapes, minerals are everywhere.

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9 Minerals That Totally Rock

Published July 19, 2017

On Screen: These nine minerals aren’t just pretty, they can do amazing things!

#1 Calcite

Brittlestars have calcite crystals built into their skeletons. The crystals act as lenses and focus light onto nerve bundles to allow the animals to see.

#2 Stibnite

Stibnite was used to make kohl, an eye cosmetic worn by ancient Egyptians. They believed it could cure ailments.

#3 Azurite

Azurite was once a popular source of pigment in blue paint. Over time azurite oxidizes into its green cousin:

#4 Malachite

So the blue some Renaissance era paintings is now tinted green.

#5 Fluorite

Some fluorite is thermoluminescent, which means it glows when heated to certain temperatures.

#6 Gold

Astronaut visors are coated with a thin layer of gold. It doesn’t corrode and protects astronauts’ eyes from dangerous solar rays

#7 Pyrite

“Fools gold,” has been studied as a possible component in solar panels because it’s cheaper and more readily available than silicon.

#8 Labradorite

These spectacular colors come from a phenomenon called labradorescence. Rather than reflecting off the exterior, light bounces off surfaces inside the rock.

#9 Goethite

Aquatic snails called limpets have teeth laced with nanofibers of goethite. These teeth are so strong they could chew through a bulletproof vest.

From sea creatures to cityscapes, amazing minerals are everywhere.



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Rob Tinworth
Brittle Star
Dr. Joanna Aizenberg
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints
Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Golden Mask of Tutankhamen
Wikimedia/Carsten Frenzi
Common limpet




Rob Tinworth

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