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About NOVA Education

The NOVA Education site is a collection of NOVA resources for bringing science, technology, and engineering to life in educational settings. This free digital library is tied to teaching standards and includes video, audio segments, interactives, and much more. Please let us know how we're doing and what you might like to see. We want to make sure NOVA Education works for you!


Rachel Connolly Rachel Connolly
Director of Education, NOVA
As NOVA's director of education, Rachel considers it her mission in life to find new ways to make complex concepts accessible. Before joining team NOVA, Rachel served as the director of the planetarium at the University of Louisville, as the astrophysics education manager at the American Museum of Natural History, and as a high school physics teacher in New York City. She studied physics and astronomy at Denison University and is currently working to complete her PhD in science education at Columbia University. The randomness of her life experiences includes being the webmaster for the band Boston and consulting on an educational project for the queen of Jordan.
Maiken Lilley Maiken Lilley
Education Manager, NOVA
As NOVA's education manager, Maiken oversees the production of NOVA's outreach materials and online media resources as well as additions to NOVA's Education website. Originally from California, Maiken has a B.A. in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and an Ed.M. in technology, innovation, and education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Rachel Gesserman Rachel Gesserman
Education Coordinator, NOVA
As an education coordinator, Rachel creates online educational resources for the NOVA Education website and helps produce outreach materials for NOVA's educator and science café communities. Before joining NOVA, Rachel received her B.S. in geological sciences from George Washington University and her M.A. in earth and planetary science from Washington University in St. Louis.
Scott Asakawa Scott Asakawa
Outreach Coordinator, NOVA
As the outreach coordinator for NOVA Education, Scott's mission is to ensure that NOVA is creating top-quality educational material that properly aligns with science standards and gets the community invested in further understanding our world. A former classroom educator, Scott received his B.A. from the University of California at Santa Cruz in the history of art and visual culture, and earned his Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in mind, brain, and education. When not busy championing all things NOVA, Scott spends his time playing music, poker, and loving the San Francisco Giants.
Mary McGillicuddy Mary McGillicuddy
Production Assistant, NOVA
As a production assistant for NOVA Education, Mary helps create online educational resources for the NOVA Education website and uses NOVA Education's social media outlets in order to continue to expand the NOVA Education community. Mary is a 2012 graduate of Boston College, where she received her B.A. in psychology.


Steve Beard Steve Beard
Thomas A. Edison High School
Portland, Oregon
Jennifer Beck Jennifer Beck
Meeker Elementary/QUEST Program
Puyallup, Washington
Elizabeth Greenman Elizabeth R. Greenman
Byers Jr-Sr High School
Byers, Colorado
Douglas F. Haller Douglas F. Haller, Ed. M. (Doug)
Haller STEM Education Consulting
Boulder, Colorado
Missy Holzer Missy Holzer
Chatham High School
Chatham, New Jersey
Ann Kohler Ann Kohler
South Forsyth High School
Cumming, Georgia
Monica Petros Monica Petros
Bay Middle College
Powers, Michigan
Deborah L. Radel Deborah L. Radel
Largo, Florida; Madison, Wisconsin