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Journey to Kilimanjaro

Classroom Activity

To learn how analogies can be useful when making comparisons.

Materials for each team
  • copy of "How Is a Mountain Like an Island?" student handout (HTML)
  1. This program creates an analogy between Kilimanjaro and an island. Ask the class whether this comparison seems appropriate. Remind students that an island is really a mountain rising from the bottom of a body of water. The analogy of a mountain to an island is helpful in giving us an image of Kilimanjaro's position in the desert.

  2. Analogies can be helpful in other situations as well. To expand on this concept, copy and distribute the "How Is a Mountain Like an Island?" student handout, and ask students to create their own analogies.

Activity Answer

Student answers will vary, but encourage them to find similar qualities between the two items being compared. Also, have them think of other analogies on their own, and explain comparison.

Teacher's Guide
Journey to Kilimanjaro

Video is not required for this activity

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