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Vikings in America

Classroom Activity

To practice supporting a theory with evidence.

Materials for each team
  • copy of "Making the Case" student handout (HTML)
  1. To provide an opportunity for students to practice supporting a theory with evidence, photocopy and distribute the "Making the Case" student handout.

  2. Have students consider what kind of evidence they would need to further prove either the evidence for or against the theory.

Activity Answer

There is only one piece of evidence and one argument given to students. Students could investigate other studies of electromagnetic fields and cancer in medical journals and newspaper articles about causes of cancer. They could also suggest interviewing cancer victims to ask about other factors in their lives that might have been related to their cancers. In addition, students could propose studying current users of cellular phones in several years to find out how many of them have brain cancer. Students should recognize that they need to research the evidence for and against each piece of their research so they can defend their arguments.

Teacher's Guide
Vikings in America

Video is not required for this activity

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