NOVA scienceNOW: Obesity

Student Handout

Models Diagrams


  1. Assemble the three hormone-receptor models, using the listed materials.

  2. Label the following parts: hormone, plasma membrane, cytoplasm, and hormone receptor.

  3. Design and label your own hormone-receptor model.


    Model Diagram

    1. Oil Membrane and the Funnel Receptor

    • twist-tie
    • funnel
    • jar
    • oil
    • water
    Model diagram 1

    2. Cotton Swab Membrane and Pipe Cleaner Receptor

    • pipe cleaner
    • cotton swabs
    • freezer bag
    Model diagram 1

    3. Toothpick Membrane and Clay Receptor

    • Foam ball
    • toothpicks
    • clay
    Model diagram 1

    4. Materials for your model:

    Draw a model of your own design and label it

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