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A Man, A Plan, A Canal -- Panama

Ideas from Teachers

(Gr. 6)
I can see how I might include NOVA's "A Man A Plan A Canal" program in my inventions (they had to create unique machines to complete the task) and landforms science units (the isthmus). The program also relates to the scientific method (hypothesizing/testing; rehypothesizing/retesting, etc., until the problem was solved), science careers (medicine, biology, environmental science, and engineering to name a few), and science biographies. It would be a great fit with the "Lost at Sea—The Search for Longitude" program on navigation in my social studies curriculum. Lastly, I can use the title in a language arts unit on palidromes.

Sent in by
Dan Reidy
Moultonborough Central School
Moultonborough, NH

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A Man, A Plan, A Canal -- Panama

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