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Day the Earth Shook, The

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(Gr. 4-8)
After watching NOVA's "The Day the Earth Shook" program and discussing the dangers of earthquakes, the students are given a challenge to build an earthquake-proof building.


  • tape
  • straws
  • deck of cards

The challenge is to be the team to build the biggest building using these materials that will not fall when placed on a table and the table is shaken. It allows the students to see the value of constructing structures with reinforcements.

Editor's Note: For a related activity, see the Shake, Rattle, and Roll printable activity.

Sent in by
Laura Petit
Saint Paul's Episcopal
New Orleans, LA

(Gr. 8)
My eighth-grade students loved NOVA's "The Day the Earth Shook" printable activity, Shake, Rattle and Roll. We are covering plate movements, faults, etc. in science, and this is activity is fun and educational. They didn't want to stop. For Challenge #3, we modified the activity by using aquarium rock instead of marbles in the box. Thank you for this helpful information. I look forward to using other programs in my 6th and 7th grade science classes as well.

Sent in by
Tammy Barthle
St. Anthony School
San Antonio, FL

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Day the Earth Shook, The

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