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Treasures of the Sunken City

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(Gr. 10)
Most of my World History classes seem fascinated with the seven Ancient Wonders of the World, and there are not many history buffs, it just seems to be something that interests them. Anyway, as a brief review for their midterm, we're going to the computer lab and in groups of two, they will be asked to go through each of the sets of clues for NOVA Online's "Treasures of the Sunken City" online activity, Seven Wonders: Get Clued In, and to try to determine which one it is. This should not only test their historical knowledge and draw on their knowledge of geography, it will also test their deductive reasoning and give them a chance to work with information and a means of applying their knowledge to information that hasn't been specifically taught to them. Hopefully it will also prepare them for questions on the county standardized exam which will come from maps, timelines, etc. that they are not specifically familiar with. This obviously is not long enough for an entire lesson, but I am using it with another review activity for their exam. Anyway, I just wanted to let someone know about this game because I thought it was pretty good.

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ReBecca Vaughan
Centennial High School
Fulton County, GA

(Adult Learning)
To combine reading, writing, social studies, science, and math


I set up a workstation for the students in my class. I have prepared lessons plans about the Seven Wonders of the World. I have a display board and a file where the lessons are kept. All the student has to do is pull the lesson plan and go the the computer and begin. I love NOVA for this project, and the students love it. They are exploring Egypt, writing papers, drawing, and mapping. The students I have are from a rural area, so this may be their only opportunity to see these wonderful places.

The students filled out a survey that I give at the end of the semester and this was their favorite, fun, and most helpful project.

Classroom Tips
By using NOVA, students can complete these lessons without me even being there to assist. The way I set it up is very simple and a lot of fun. I believe that if students are enjoying learning, they will become a lifelong learners.

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Sent in by
Vickie Rose
Olive Hill Adult Learning Center
Olive Hill, KY

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Treasures of the Sunken City

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