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Becoming Human
Introduce the Program & Topics
What transformed us from ape to human? Introduce your students to the journey of human evolution, from our early ancestors to today.
Becoming Human: Part 1 (Video)
Take a quick look at the latest scientific discoveries changing our understanding of human origins, and revealing answers to why we are the smartest, most adaptable animals on the planet. (3:01 min.)

Meet Your Ancestors (Interactive)
Meet your most distant relative as you travel back through key stages in our primate heritage, as revealed in the fossil record.

Did Humans Evolve? (Video)
Learn the difference between a relative and an ancestor, and understand the science (DNA evidence) behind the shared ancestry of humans and apes. (5:30 min.)

Who's Who in Human Evolution (Interactive)
See what the bones tell us about the development of hominins—that is, species more closely related to humans than to apes—in this clickable illustration. What special features helped them to survive and flourish—or not?


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