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Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor
Introduce the Program & Topics
On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked the ships at Pearl Harbor, killing 2,400 Americans and drawing the Untied States into World War II. Most people think of it as an aerial assault, but the mysterious wreck of a Japanese submarine found almost seventy years later indicates the attack may also have come from below.
Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor (Video)
Hear about the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and find out about the evidence leading investigators to believe it was not just an aerial attack, but an underwater offensive as well. (Chapters 2-3, 18:32 min.)

Pearl Harbor Sub Discovered (Audio)
Hear how a newly identified wreck found outside the harbor may rewrite the history of the Japanese attack.

Japan's Midget Sub (Interactive)
Get a 3-D look at the tiny sub that carried torpedoes into Pearl Harbor.

Share Your Story
Share the story of someone you know—a family member or friend—who remembers or witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor.


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