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Building Pharaoh's Ship
Introduce the Program & Topics
Discover the land of pharaohs, pyramids, temples, and tombs. Understand ancient building practices and see the evidence leading researchers to believe Egyptians were a seafaring people.
Building Pharaoh's Ship (Video)
Watch how a team of archaeologists and builders in Egypt use ancient evidence and unusual construction techniques to attempt to design, build, and sail a seagoing ship just like the pharaoh's. (Chapter 2, approx. 9 min.; Program available after broadcast)

Explore a Pharaoh's Boat (Interactive)
Examine a masterpiece of ancient shipbuilding found a half century ago buried beside the Great Pyramid.

Explore the Pyramids (Multimedia)
Find out the history of Egypt's pyramids and wander through their chambers and passageways, just as the pharaohs did.

Mysteries of the Nile (Interactive)
Take a self-guided tour through the land of the Pharaohs—the New and Old Kingdoms—by clicking on images of the Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Luxor Temple, and more.


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