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Riddles of the Sphinx
Introduce the Program & Topics
Egypt is a land of history and wonders. Discover its magnificent structures and ancient spiritual practices, and learn about environmental dangers to one of its monumental achievements, the Great Sphinx.
Riddles of the Sphinx (Video)
Learn about the Sphinx: its history and the havoc time and environmental pollution is wreaking on it, and watch an archeologist, stonemasons, and engineers use ancient tools and construction techniques to carve a scale-version of a sphinx. (Chapter 1, approx. 2 min.)

Mysteries of the Nile (Interactive)
Take a self-guided tour through the amazing structures built by the Pharaohs—in the New and Old Kingdoms—by clicking on images of the Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Luxor Temple, and more.

Giza Plateau Flyby (Video)
View this brief overhead view of the Pyramids.

The Afterlife (Interview)
Egyptologist Salima Ikram at the American University in Cairo sheds light on why mummification was practiced in ancient Egypt and what the ancients thought the afterlife would be like, and why.

Saving the Sphinx (Interview)
Zahi Hawass, head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, discusses his efforts to save this timeless sculpture.


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