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The Pluto Files
Introduce the Program & Topics
Pluto has held a warm place in the hearts and imagination of many since its discovery in 1930, but it is now at the center of a heated scientific debate. Explore the rise and fall of America's favorite planet with your students.
The Pluto Files (Video)
Hear how the demotion of Pluto came about and the reasons behind it from Neil deGrasse Tyson, the scientist who led the charge. (Chapter 2, approx. 11 min.; Program available after broadcast)

My Dad Discovered Pluto (Slideshow)
Hear from Clyde Tombaugh's son, Alden, how his father went from baling hay to discovering Pluto.

Hate Mail from 3rd Graders (Slideshow)
See what some outraged, but loving, kids had to say to Neil deGrasse Tyson about "demoting" Pluto.

Notes from The Pluto Files (Audio Interview)
Hear Tyson describe what it was like to meet Clyde Tombaugh's family and other people passionate about Pluto.

In Defense of Pluto (Audio Interview)
Listen to Plutophile and planetary scientist Alan Stern, argue why Pluto still deserves Planet status.


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