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Mt. St. Helens: Back From the Dead
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When it erupted without warning in May of 1980, Mt. St. Helens became the biggest volcanic eruption in North America in nearly 100 years. It killed 57 people and wiped out all signs of life within several hundred square miles. Explore Mt. St. Helens with your students.
Mt. St. Helens: Back From the Dead (Video)
Find out about the thirty-year quest to understand one of the most complicated volcanoes in the world: Mt. St. Helens. (Chapters 1-3, approx. 19 min.)

Life Returns to the Blast Zone (Audio Slideshow)
Follow three decades of photos to see the slow recovery of life in the landscape of Mt. St. Helens.

The Director's Story: Filming in a Disaster Area (Article)
Learn why director Daniel Hissen felt equal parts inspiration and anxiety while shooting amidst the devastation.


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