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NOVA Science Specials

The WGBH Science Unit, the producers of NOVA, also brings you science specials and giant-screen films. Recent productions, all with teacher's materials, include:

WGBH Science Unit productions

A Science Odyssey
Find features and online activities relating to scientific achievements in the past 100 years in medicine and health, physics and astronomy, human behavior, technology, and earth and life science. Original broadcast: January 11, 1998.

Building Big
Explore bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams, and tunnels through interactive engineering labs, a world databank of big structures, a look at some careers involved with big buildings, and more on this Web site. Original broadcast: October 3, 2000.

Learn about Darwin's "dangerous idea," explore the history of change, find out what triggers mass extinctions, see what it takes to survive, learn the rules of the mating game, investigate human evolution, and consider aspects of science and faith on this Web site. Original broadcast: September 24, 2001.

Giant-screen film productions

Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure
Discover the tale of Ernest Shackleton's polar adventure on this Web site that includes information about the film, activities for students, facts about Antarctica, and more. Currently playing at giant-screen theaters.

Special Effects
Read interviews with the producer; learn about the making of the film; and find activities in perception, physics, chemistry, and technology, on this Web site. Contact your local giant-screen theater for more information.

Island of the Sharks
Learn about how sharks hunt, the world they live in, and some of the scientists who study them in this Web site. Contact your local giant-screen theater for more information.


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