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Day the Earth Shook, The

Program Overview

Earthquake! The images that come to mind are devastated buildings, fallen bridges, enormous cracks in the ground, raging fires, and loss of human life. Earthquakes also cause water pipes to burst, gas lines to break, and highways to crumble. Earthquakes strike all over the world, and in the past few years major earthquakes have caused serious damage—in Los Angeles, California in January 1994, and in Kobe, Japan, 12 months later—and have produced incredible human losses. The intensity of these two earthquakes—both occurred in high-risk areas and measured over 6.5 on the Richter scale—and the resulting damage and repair work have made them two of the most destructive earthquakes in recent history. This NOVA program examines some of the latest research into earthquake studies which show that while earthquakes may not be predictable in the short term, they need not take such a high toll on human lives.

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Day the Earth Shook, The

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