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War Machines of Tomorrow

Program Overview

During The Persian Gulf War, U.S. forces invading Iraq had access to sophisticated precision weapons, such as stealth bombers and "smart bombs." Postwar assessments, however, concluded the military could improve its ability to: 1) effectively hit targets in all weather conditions, 2) resist chemical or biological warfare, 3) defend against multiple missile attacks, and 4) avoid "friendly fire" casualties. As smart weapon technology continues to advance—providing the military with more ways to defend itself without getting in harm's way—some military experts believe that ground troops, tanks, and aircraft carriers will become unnecessary. Others argue that there will always be a need for well-trained ground forces capable of combat in complicated situations, including smaller, urban conflicts. This NOVA program presents some of the developments in advanced military technology and investigates how war may be fought in the future.

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War Machines of Tomorrow

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