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Alien From Earth
Investigate whether fossil finds on the Indonesian island of Flores represent a new species and investigate what impact the findings could have on the current human evolutionary time line. 1 hr.

America's Stone Age Explorers
Learn about the evidence and controversies surrounding who the first Americans were, where they came from, and how they arrived. 1 hr.

Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land
Explore a remote Judean cave where ancient Jews sought refuge nearly 2,000 years ago. 1 hr.

Boldest Hoax, The
Learn about the Piltdown forgery, the people who may have been involved, and the potential reasons for the hoax. 1 hr.

Cracking the Maya Code
Explore the centuries-long effort to understand the Maya's complex hieroglyphic script and learn about the breakthroughs that led to the code being deciphered. 1 hr.

Great Inca Rebellion, The
Learn about skeletal evidence that reveals a new story of the Spanish conquest of the Inca and rewrites the history laid down by the Spanish conquistadors. 1 hr.

Ice Mummies -- Frozen in Heaven
Learn about the frozen bodies of children uncovered by archaeologists in South America and follow an archaeological expedition to a high-altitude sacred site in search of ritual remains. 1 hr.

Ice Mummies -- Return of the Iceman
See how X-ray, CAT scan, and microscopic analysis of the Iceman reveals where he lived, what he ate, and how he may have died. 1 hr.

Ice Mummies -- Siberian Ice Maiden
Glimpse the Ice Maiden's tattooed body and sacrificial offerings, uncovered for the first time in 2,400 years. 1 hr.

In Search of Human Origins, Part I
Discover the missing link between humans and apes. 1 hr.

In Search of Human Origins, Part II
Follow a living experiment to understand how early humans thrived. 1 hr.

In Search of Human Origins, Part III
Learn about the worldwide expansion and evolution of the human race. 1 hr.

In Search of the First Language
Explore the common threads that link the more than 5,000 languages of Earth. 1 hr.

Island of the Spirits
On the island of Hokkaido in the far north of Japan lives an extraordinary spectrum of life. 1 hr.

Lost City of Arabia
Helped by remote sensing, an expedition searches Oman's vast al-Khali desert for the lost city of Ubar. 1 hr.

Lost King of the Maya
Using ancient hieroglyphs and new excavations, archeologists investigate the rise and fall of the majestic city of Copan. 1 hr.

Lost Roman Treasure
Follow archeologists as they use ground-penetrating radar and other technologies to identify and uncover artifacts from Turkey's ancient city of Zeugma, which is about to be flooded to create a reservoir. 1 hr.

Lost Treasures of Tibet
Travel to the Mustang region of Nepal where a small group of conservators work with local townspeople to preserve medieval Buddhist murals on monastery walls. 1 hr.

Lost Tribes of Israel
An anthropologist looks for the lost city of Africa's Lemba tribe, and investigates their claim to an ancient Jewish heritage. 1 hr.

Mummy Who Would Be King, The
Follow scientists who seek to reveal the hidden identity of a mummy -- possibly a pharaoh -- that lay neglected for decades in a Niagara Falls museum. 1 hr.

Mysterious Mummies of China
Three-thousand-year-old mummies with long blond hair and blue eyes are unearthed in a remote Chinese desert. 1 hr.

Mystery of the First Americans
The discovery of a 9,000-year-old skeleton embroils scientists in a debate over North America's first inhabitants. 1 hr.

Neanderthals on Trial
Are Neanderthals our ancestors or an evolutionary dead end? 1 hr.

NOVA scienceNOW: Little People of Flores
Learn about Homo floresiensis, a species some scientists think may be a new type of human that measured three feet tall, had a brain one-third the size of modern human's, and lived as recently as 18,000 years ago. Running time: 11:39.

NOVA scienceNOW: Maya
Find out how NASA archeologists use satellites to pinpoint ancient ruins buried deep in the jungle. Running time: 14:00 minutes.

NOVA scienceNOW: Papyrus
See how multispectral imaging allows archeologists to read an ancient Egyptian papyrus. Running time: 9:00 minutes.

Perfect Corpse, The
Follow scientists who seek to learn about the lives and deaths of two ancient bodies discovered in European bogs. 1 hr.

Pocahontas Revealed
Discover an illuminating new view of this legendary figure and learn what archeological evidence has revealed about her story. 1 hr.

Science Odyssey, A: Origins
Discover how the Earth and its continents formed, the contributions that Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel made, how DNA was revealed, and how scientists think the human family tree is structured. 2 hrs.

Search for the Lost Cave People
Caves lining a rugged canyon deep in the Chiapas jungle hold clues to the little known Zoque people. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires I -- Colosseum
Travel with a team of archaeologists and engineers to the famous Roman amphitheater to recreate the gigantic canopy that once covered it. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires I -- Inca
Investigate the secrets behind such Inca mysteries as grass suspension bridges and near perfect-fitting giant blocks. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires I -- Obelisk
Travel with scientists and others to the quarries of Aswan, the source of the original obelisks, in their quest to raise a 35 foot-long replica. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires I -- Pyramid
Join an Egyptologist, a stonemason, and a team of Egyptian workers as they attempt to build an 18-foot stone pyramid in three weeks on site at Giza. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires I -- Stonehenge
Watch as a team uses only Stone Age tools to move, raise, and cap a Stonehenge-like structure. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- China Bridge
Two teams working from opposite sides of a turbulent river attempt to build a 12th-century Chinese bridge. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- Easter Island
How did the ancient Easter Islanders move and erect giant stone statues? Our team tests one theory. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- Medieval Siege
Two teams set out to build precise replicas of a fearsome medieval weapon -- the trebuchet. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- Pharaoh's Obelisk
Experts take on the challenge of raising a 40-ton obelisk without using modern technology. 1 hr.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- Roman Bath
NOVA sets out to create a working Roman bath, complete with hot tubs and underfloor heating. 1 hr.

Sultan's Lost Treasure
Archeologists salvage more than 12,000 pieces of Chinese porcelain from an ancient shipwreck. 1 hr.

The Bible's Buried Secrets
Take in more than a hundred years of archeological excavations and centuries of biblical scholarship to explore the history of the Israelites and the beginnings of modern religion. 2 hrs.

Treasures of the Sunken City
Divers search the seafloor for one of the seven wonders of the ancient world: the Lighthouse of Alexandria. 1 hr.

Tribe that Time Forgot, The
Trek deep into the Amazon wilderness to learn about the customs and beliefs of a mysterious tribe whose lifestyle has not changed for centuries. 1 hr.

Vikings in America
Learn about the myth and reality of the Vikings' historic exploration of North America. 1 hr.

Vikings, The
Recent discoveries paint a complex portrait of the Vikings and their boat journeys to places as far-flung as Istanbul. 2 hrs.

Warriors of the Amazon
Explore the unique culture of the Yanomami, an isolated tribe living deep in the Amazonian rainforest. 1 hr.

World in the Balance
Profiles the population challenges and environmental impacts of a changing world as told through personal stories from India, Kenya, Japan, and China. 2 hrs.

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