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Ice Mummies -- Frozen in Heaven
Have the students create "Wanted" or "Missing Person" posters of the Iceman...

Mysterious Mummies of China
This is an extra credit project for students to complete at home...

Neanderthals on Trial
I've been using a particular statement in the "Neanderthals on Trial" program to teach my junior U.S. History students a sense of awareness and understanding in noticing statistical bias...

Search for the Lost Cave People
We do a simulated dig site, based on the work that Mark Lehner did at Giza excavating the bakeries...

Sultan's Lost Treasure
NOVA's "Sultan's Lost Treasure" program is part a unit that explores the ceramic tradition of blue-and-white ware and how the prized porcelain was imitated by potters around the world with various materials...

Warriors of the Amazon
We're teaching an integrated unit on tropical rain forests...

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