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Alien From Earth
Find out what causes gigantism and dwarfism among species on oceanic islands such as Flores, view a slide show of the brains of several members of the hominid family, and learn how experts believe the hobbit's brain measures up.

America's Stone Age Explorers
Consider who or what killed the mammoths and other megafauna 13,000 years ago, view a gallery of images of Clovis artifacts, peruse an Ice Age North American map to learn more about pre-Clovis sites, and match Stone Age artifacts to their uses.

Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land
Learn how one second-century woman lived, discover what it was like to travel to the Cave of Letters, hear about the 1960 expedition from one of its members, and use a viewer to translate a 2,000-year-old letter.

Boldest Hoax, The
Learn more about the program, access a teacher's guide, find additional resources, and read the program transcript.

Cracking the Maya Code
Use a time line to trace key discoveries that helped decode Maya script, tour an interactive Maya mural, hear hieroglyphs spoken, and learn more about 15 of the better-known Maya sites.

Great Inca Rebellion, The
Learn how the Inca created such a vast empire, compare the differences between Inca and conquistador weaponry, and find out how one bioarcheologist examined Inca finds.

Ice Mummies -- Frozen in Heaven
Learn about Peruvian expedition finds, see what a gravesite can reveal, explore the ethical questions regarding mummy remains, and find out how scientists determined what and when the Iceman ate before he died.

Island of the Spirits
Read about the techniques used to determine the origins of the indigenous people of Hokkaido, discover cultural beliefs about island creatures, and learn how salmon migrate.

Lost City of Arabia
Use a map to locate the Shisur site, read about and view artifacts that were excavated, explore different types of remote sensing, and consider what would be needed for a desert journey.

Lost King of the Maya
Watch 17 film clips of Copan's treasures, read about and view photos of other Maya cities, and try to figure out the Maya numbering system.

Lost Roman Treasure
Find out the current state of Zeugma, learn about 10 modern remote-sensing tools, look at six other dam projects, and view 10 Roman mosaics depicting Greek mythology.

Lost Treasures of Tibet
Compare nine paintings before and after restoration, read about what it takes to restore a 15th-century painting, see the villages of Mustang, and investigate some of the familiar traits found in the Buddha image.

Lost Tribes of Israel
Follow the trail of the Lost Tribes, learn about the Lemba, explore the Great Zimbabwe, and analyze Y-chromosome data to properly place men on a males-only family tree.

Mummy Who Would Be King, The
Find out whether any undiscovered tombs still exist, discover who Rameses I was, see how a mummy is made, and learn more about the history of mummification in Egypt.

Mysterious Mummies of China

Mystery of the First Americans
Read opposing viewpoints about whether race exists, view a QuickTime VR of the Kennewick Man, learn why scientists want to study the skeleton, and explore how carbon-14 analysis works.

Neanderthals on Trial
Rotate and compare the casts of a Neanderthal and an early modern human, learn about mitochondrial DNA, and make deductions about bones and artifacts uncovered at a virtual dig.

NOVA scienceNOW: Little People of Flores
Watch the segment, compare the brain of Homo floresiensis with a chimp's and a modern human's, and read what one evolutionary biologist thinks about the micropygmies.

NOVA scienceNOW: Maya
Watch the segment, explore an ancient Maya mural, and read answers to questions about the 2,000-year-old masterpiece.

NOVA scienceNOW: Papyrus
Watch the segment, see examples of the ancient papyrus, and read answers to questions about ancient papryi.

Perfect Corpse, The
Discover America's most famous bog, learn about 10 ways to make a mummy, see bog body discoveries worldwide, and take a close-up look at Tollund Man.

Pocahontas Revealed
Learn what is involved with accurately recreating history for a documentary, discover the truth about Pocahontas and John Smith's relationship, see a dozen images of Pocahontas, and read a time line that shows what science has contributed to history.

Search for the Lost Cave People
See before and after excavation photos of six Central American ruins, play a video clip of an ancient Zoque site, learn why the Zoque are important, and reassemble a virtual pile of pot shards.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- China Bridge
Read up on China's Song Dynasty, see how NOVA recreated China's rainbow bridge, discover facts about bamboo, and match four types of bridges to their proper locations.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- Easter Island
Explore Easter Island and learn about its first inhabitants, see how NOVA tried to move and erect a moai, try different techniques to move a moai yourself, and compare the weight of a moai to a herd of elephants.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- Medieval Siege
Learn some of the major weapons and strategies used in medieval offense and defense, see how NOVA tried to build a trebuchet, try your hand at building a virtual trebuchet, and discover what life in a castle was like.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- Pharaoh's Obelisk
Tour the Land of the Pharaohs, find out more about the pyramids, see how NOVA tried to raise an obelisk, explore how levers work, and compare the weight of an obelisk to a herd of elephants.

Secrets of Lost Empires II -- Roman Bath
Learn about the Romans' sophisticated water distribution system, take a stroll around a Roman bath, see how NOVA tried to build a Roman bath, construct an virtual aqueduct, and examine some ancient Roman recipes.

Sultan's Lost Treasure
Learn about ancient Chinese explorers and their ships, discover some of the secrets of early Chinese porcelain-makers, and assess the age of a centuries-old Chinese porcelain artifact.

The Bible's Buried Secrets
Read interviews with various experts, explore a time line of discoveries related to the writing of the Bible, learn what a variety of clergy members have to say about the show, watch a series of videos on the making of the show, and more.

Treasures of the Sunken City
Find out about the history of Alexandria, view video of some of the artifacts found, discover the methods used to map the site, and draw on clues to identify the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Vikings, The
Explore a medieval Viking village, read theories about the Norsemen, learn about Norse ships, view the breadth of the Viking diaspora, investigate tree-ring science, and see your name spelled in runes.

Voyage of Doom
Explore a clickable photograph of La Belle's hull, find out more about the artifacts recovered, consider the issue of salvage rights, and investigate the basics of buoyancy.

World in the Balance
Find the latest population figures, see how the worldís population has grown, learn about how rising populations affect the environment, test your understanding of population trends, read interviews with experts, discover ways to get involved, and more.

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