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Boldest Hoax, The
Learn more about the program, access a teacher's guide, find additional resources, and read the program transcript.

Bombing of America, The
Find out what investigators do after a bomb detonates, learn about the incidence of juvenile bombing, and discover how chromatography works.

Building on Ground Zero
Learn why the towers were innovative and what led to their collapse, read one survivor's story, outfit a firefighter, explore the atomic structure of metal, and more.

Crash of Flight 111
Go behind the scenes to learn the details of one of the most exhaustive investigations in aviation history -- the inquiry into the crash of Swissair flight 111. 1 hr.

Deadliest Plane Crash, The
Discover to what degree human error can still happen in air travel today, read a transcript of communications during the 1977 disaster, find out about safety improvements following other major air crashes, and learn about risk assessment.

Everest -- The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine
Follow team members as they ascend from sea level to the summit, learn about how minds and bodies respond to high exposure, and read answers to questions about life on Everest.

Great Inca Rebellion, The
Learn how the Inca created such a vast empire, compare the differences between Inca and conquistador weaponry, and find out how one bioarcheologist examined Inca finds.

Holocaust on Trial
Explore a timeline of Nazi abuses, read about the challenges of making this film, consider the use of death-camp experiment results, and examine five real-life examples of research conclusions that were later invalidated.

Kidnapped by UFOs?
Read interviews with believers and skeptics of alien abductions, learn about reported cases of abductions, and consider two theories behind a sketch of some mysterious lines found on the Nazca Desert of Peru.

Killer's Trail, The
Read a chronology of the Sam Sheppard case, learn about a laser-imaging system that produces 3-D pictures of objects, see a list of inmates cleared by DNA, and create a virtual DNA fingerprint.

Last Flight of Bomber 31
View a photo gallery of World War II bombers, learn how nuclear and mitochondrial DNA can reveal kinship, and examine the U.S. effort to identify and return the remains of those lost during war.

Lost on Everest
Follow team members as they ascend from sea level to the summit, learn how minds and bodies respond to high exposure, and read answers to questions about life on Everest.

Perfect Corpse, The
Discover America's most famous bog, learn about 10 ways to make a mummy, see bog body discoveries worldwide, and take a close-up look at Tollund Man.

Learn about a century's worth of mysterious plane crashes, find out how investigators studied the Stardust site for clues, read a summary of theories about the STENDEC message, and learn how the jet stream works.

Viking Deception, The
Discover what cartography has to say about he Vinland Map, find out who the Vikings were, explore the evidence regarding the Vinland Map, and learn about eight other famous forgeries.

Who Killed the Red Baron?
View a pictorial timeline of World War I aviation innovations, read the Red Baron's writings, explore competing theories about the Red Baron's death, and follow the life of one U.S. fighter who voluntarily joined Allied forces.

Why the Towers Fell
Learn the history of the towers and what led to the structural failure, read an account of survival from the 84th floor, explore the crystalline structure of metal, and check out the gear that firefighters wear.

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