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Explore the history of secret codes, including the most celebrated of all cryptographic coups: The breaking of the World War II codes used by Japan and Germany. 1 hr.

Decoding Nazi Secrets
Allied technologies developed at Britain's Station X helped halt the onslaught of the Third Reich and set the stage for today's computers. 2 hrs.

Hunting the Hidden Dimension
Explore the fascinating world of fractals and look at how they can be used to better understand everything from coastlines and rainforests to weather systems and human physiology. 1 hr.

Infinite Secrets
Follow the journey of the Archimedes Palimpsest, a treatise of the famous mathematician's work, and see how technology is helping to reveal its mathematical treasures. 1 hr.

Newton's Dark Secrets
Step into the life and science of Sir Isaac Newton (16421727), one of the greatest scientists who ever lived. 1 hr.

NOVA scienceNOW: Emergence
Learn more about emergence, a science that studies how complex patterns and behaviors arise from the actions of individual units acting independently.

NOVA scienceNOW: Kryptos
Learn more about Kryptos, a giant sculpture with an encrypted message that many people are working to decipher. (Running time: 11:52)

Proof, The
Princeton math sleuth Andrew Wiles goes undercover for eight years to solve history's most famous math problem: Fermat's Last Theorem. 1 hr.

Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies
NOVA looks back to the 1940s, when American spies passed their country's deepest scientific secrets to the Soviets. 1 hr.

Time Travel
Is time travel anything more than sci-fi fantasy? Leading physicists ponder building a time machine. 1 hr.

Trillion Dollar Bet
An elegant mathematical formula attracts Wall Street's attention and spawns a multi-trillion-dollar industry. 1 hr.

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