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Ancient Creature of the Deep
Read the correspondence of the museum curator who rediscovered the Coelacanth, take a Coelacanth quiz, and examine the unusual anatomy of this ancient fish.

Chasing El Niño
Find out what El Niño is, learn how scientists study past climates, view a timeline of El Niños' reach through time, and compare forecasts of effects against what actually occurred.

Deep Sea Invasion
Follow the spread of Caulerpa taxifolia as it colonizes new waters, explore the impact of invading species, and play a game in which you connect an invader to the damage it has caused.

Kingdom of the Seahorse
Find out what it's like to be a seahorse researcher, learn about seahorse anatomy, view a seahorse photo gallery, and discover seven other species in which the male takes a role in caring for their young.

Kings of Camouflage
See how cuttlefish use their powers of camouflage, find out how they are tested for intelligence, explore their anatomy, and discover how some animals use trickery during mating.

NOVA scienceNOW: Profile: Edith Widder
Take a look at images of ocean creatures that use bioluminescence and read Edie Widder's answers to questions about her life and work.

Ocean Animal Emergency
Reflect with producer Doug Hamilton on how our views regarding animal protection are shaped by our backgrounds and where we live.

Perfect Pearl, The
Read theories behind the oyster's decline in Japan's Ago Bay, find out the role the pearl has played in history, learn how freshwater pearls are cultured, and estimate the number pearls in a treasure chest.

Shark Attack!
Discover a shark's six senses and find out how they are used to hunt prey and learn facts about shark evolution, life cycle, features, and behavior.

Sinking City of Venice
Discover why Venice is facing increasing flooding, view how the proposed hinged barriers would work, learn about the region's problems through three satellite photographs, and find out what causes tides.

Sultan's Lost Treasure
Learn about ancient Chinese explorers and their ships, discover some of the secrets of early Chinese porcelain-makers, and assess the age of a centuries-old Chinese porcelain artifact.

Titanic's Lost Sister
Find out what's being done to enhance ship safety, read about the technological advances that have made underwater exploration possible, and perform a virtual salvage operation.

Volcanoes of the Deep
Learn how researchers extracted black smoker chimneys from the Juan de Fuca Ridge, read about deep-ocean discoveries, and explore the lives and ecology of creatures that thrive far below the ocean surface.

Wave That Shook the World
Find out about how well officials can prepare for the next big tsunami, read an Ask the Expert feature, see how the Indonesian event unfolded, and delve into the global history of these seismic sea waves.

What's Up with the Weather?
Consider opposing arguments to global warming's impact on Earth's future climate, read about carbon-free energy technologies, learn what uses energy in a house, and get answers to questions about global warming.

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