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Auto-Tune (June 2009)

Can't carry a tune? Andy Hildebrand's pitch-correction software can help you sing like a star. Watch now (7 mins.)

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells (Jul. 2005)

Hydrogen fuel cell cars promise pollution-free driving, but will we see them anytime soon? Watch now (14 mins.)

Kinetic Sculptor

Kinetic Sculptor (Jan. 2005)

Artist and self-taught engineer Arthur Ganson describes the process he uses to create his sculptures in motion. Watch now (4 mins.)

Lab Meat

Lab Meat (Jan. 2006)

Scientists can grow edible meat in culture from a few animal cells. Bon appétit? Watch now (2 mins.)

Profile: Cynthia Breazeal

Profile: Cynthia Breazeal (Nov. 2006)

A daring engineer designs robots to communicate and interact the way people do. Watch now (13 mins.)

Profile: Hany Farid

Profile: Hany Farid (June 2008)

This self-proclaimed "accidental scientist" is a digital detective inventing new ways to tell if photos have been faked. Watch now (13 mins.)

Profile: Luis von Ahn

Profile: Luis von Ahn (June 2009)

A computer scientist finds novel ways to stop spammers and harness the brainpower of millions of people. Watch now (11 mins.)

Profile: Naomi Halas

Profile: Naomi Halas (Apr. 2005)

Naomi Halas is a pioneering nanotechnologist bent on seeing practical applications for her work—and soon. Watch now (8 mins.)

Profile: Karl Iagnemma

Profile: Karl Iagnemma (Oct. 2006)

An innovative MIT roboticist is also an acclaimed fiction writer. Watch now (10 mins.)

Profile: James McLurkin

Profile: James McLurkin (Jan. 2005)

James McLurkin of MIT is one of the world's leading designers of robot "swarms"—groups of robots that work together for a greater purpose. Watch now (10 mins.)

Saving Hubble

Saving Hubble (July 2008)

Two teams of spacewalkers take on the risky mission of reviving the ailing Space Telescope. Watch now (13 mins.)


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