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Aircraft Carrier!

Viewing Ideas

Before Watching

  1. As you watch the film, make a list of the different jobs on an aircraft carrier and note how these jobs relate to each other. What are some of the hazards faced by people in their jobs? How are these hazards avoided?

After Watching
  1. During the film you were introduced to the command master chief. What was his role among the crew, and what might the consequences be if this role didn't exist?

  2. What is the function of an aircraft carrier in terms of military strategy? What mission is the Independence on during the film? How does the mission change?

  3. Many people aboard an aircraft carrier are under pressure to perform well. What factors would cause this pressure to change? Explain why certain tasks are more stressful than others. What do you think is the greatest pressure of all?

  4. Think of other jobs that, like landing on an aircraft carrier, only allow you one chance to carry out a task. What consequences might result if these jobs are not performed perfectly? How does working on an aircraft carrier compare with other high-risk jobs that allow only a slight margin for error? What kinds of precautions are taken to avoid errors in these jobs?

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Aircraft Carrier!

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