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Mammoths of the Ice Age

Viewing Ideas

Before Watching

  1. During the Ice Age, the climate changed dramatically, glaciers covered much of the Earth, and extinct mammals roamed the planet. Give each student a piece of paper, and have them divide it into three columns: What I Know; What I Think I Know; What I Want to Find Out about the Ice Age. Before they watch the video, have students make notes in the appropriate column. As they watch, have students look for information to add to their charts.

  2. Scientists believe that woolly mammoths adapted to the Ice Age climate by growing fur. This trait developed over generations in response to changes in the environment. As students watch the program, ask them to look for other traits that may have helped mammoths adapt and survive in their changing environment.

After Watching

  1. Assign each student to research an animal that lived during the Ice Age. Once the students have completed their research, ask them to post their findings for the class to read. Then brainstorm ideas about why these animals are extinct. Come up with at least ten ideas, and then narrow the list down to what the class considers the three most reasonable choices. Ask students to defend their final choices.

  2. Since the 1970s, the population of wild elephants in some African countries has been rapidly decreasing. This program compares the extinction of mammoths to the present threat of extinction to wild elephants. Write the word elephant on the board. Ask students what words and concepts they associate with elephants, and write them on the board. Then discuss the traits and behaviors that might help elephants survive. Which traits and behaviors might hurt elephants' chance for survival?

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Mammoths of the Ice Age

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