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Mystery of the Senses—Smell

Viewing Ideas

Before Watching

  1. This program explores the importance of smell in forming memories around events or places. Ask students to share the memories they associate with smells in a variety of locations such as a kitchen, church or temple, hospital, bathroom, bedroom, attic, basement, classroom, locker room, hardware store, delicatessen, fast food restaurant, fishing pier, beach, forest, or a new or old car. Have students keep a log of smells over the next day or two. Instruct them to record all the different smells they notice and to name all the associations they have with the smells.

  2. Discuss some of the ways that we are trained to judge people and things according to how they smell. What smells are we trained to think of as "good" smells or as "bad" smells? As they watch this episode, ask students to pay close attention to different cultural values of smells.

After Watching

  1. Discuss the adjectives we use to describe smells and the smell-centered metaphors we use to describe people and situations, such as "there's something fishy going on here." Instruct students to write a poem or a short story including this type of language.

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Mystery of the Senses—Smell

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