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Day the Earth Shook, The

Viewing Ideas

Before Watching

  1. Discuss with students how they and their families would prepare for an earthquake. Ask them what events would likely occur during an earthquake (such as, the breaking of gas lines and the damage to buildings and roads) and then brainstorm a list of solutions to those events. Where would students go for water? How would they survive without electricity? How much and what kinds of food would they want to have with them? What wouldn't they want? Where would students go if their homes were destroyed?

  2. Some of the issues that are raised in this program relate to structural engineering. Before they watch the program, have students research some important design features that would help a structure remain standing during an earthquake. You may want to challenge students to design models of structures they think would stand up well during an earthquake. As they watch the program, have students look for important design features used by structural engineers who design buildings in earthquake-prone areas.

After Watching

  1. Have students research earthquakes worldwide. Where were the top five strongest earthquakes in the past five years? What might explain the location of those earthquakes?

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Day the Earth Shook, The

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