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B-29 Frozen in Time

Viewing Ideas

Before Watching

  1. Working and living in extremely cold conditions is a dangerous challenge. Before showing this program to the class, discuss with students what they know about extreme weather survival, frostbite, and hypothermia. If students are familiar with other stories about people who have survived being exposed to extreme cold conditions, have them share their knowledge with the class. What strategies or actions would help a person avoid frostbite and hypothermia? In addition, how might the cold affect heavy machinery and fuel?

After Watching

  1. After watching the program, have students share their reactions about the outcome of the Kee Bird. As they were watching, what expectations did they have about the results of the mission? At what point did they begin to form an opinion about whether or not the crew would be successful? Explain that there are several points in the program when the salvage operation seems to be at a standstill or at an end. Have students imagine they had been a part of the salvage crew. Take a poll on whether they would have continued on the rescue following each of the setbacks. Review these moments with the class and discuss the reasons the crew decided to continue with the project.

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B-29 Frozen in Time

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