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Ebola—The Plague Fighters

Viewing Ideas

Before Watching

  1. Briefly discuss with students what they know about viruses, such as the common cold and the flu. Then invite them to share news stories, books, television shows, or movies about new and deadly viruses, such as the Ebola virus. What do they know about the disease and its symptoms? How it is transmitted? How can people protect themselves from these viruses? As they watch the program, have students look for information about the symptoms and transmission of Ebola, and the ways that health workers tried to protect themselves from the disease.

  2. One of the challenges in trying to find Ebola victims was the stigma associated with the disease that prevented people with the virus from coming forward. Have students discuss diseases in the United States that have stigmas attached to them. What efforts are being made to help people overcome the stigma of these diseases? As they watch the program, have students look for strategies medical teams use to try to overcome people's fears.

After Watching

  1. Review students' observations of the program, particularly with respect to the prevention and the education strategies they saw. How did medical workers locate victims while protecting themselves and others? How did the Ebola virus spread? Why was it so important to isolate the victims? Compare this quarantine with the treatment of other diseases, such as leprosy, measles, or the bubonic plague. When is a quarantine necessary or unnecessary?

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Ebola—The Plague Fighters

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