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Secrets of Lost Empires I—Stonehenge

Viewing Ideas

Before and After Watching Programs
  1. The team of experts in each program attempts to re-create a model of a time-worn structure using as much of the knowledge, resources, and tools available to their ancient counterparts as possible. As students watch, have them note the different theories of how the structures were built and the evidence used to support each. Which theory seems most reasonable? How likely is it that each team has reproduced the method used by the ancient builders? Why? What evidence supports or contradicts their ideas? What additional evidence might be needed?

  2. These programs, which focus on ancient technologies, provide an opportunity for students to reflect on the relationship between science and technology. On the board, make two columns, one labeled science, the other labeled technology. Have students suggest descriptions and examples from the program for each column. How are science and technology related? Are there examples that seem to fit into both categories? Technology has had a much longer history than science and only recently has developed an increasingly interdependent relationship with science. Ask students to think about how advances in scientific knowledge affect technology, and how advances in technology can help scientists to carry out their research in new ways, or to research new ideas.

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Secrets of Lost Empires I—Stonehenge

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