Climb North: Camp V

Camp V is not just one campsite. Historically, Camp V has extended for nearly 1,000 feet up the ridge. Our Camp V site is at about 25,500 feet and is in an area commonly used by expeditions. The terrain is predominantly rocky on the North Ridge. Campsites are located on small ridges that must be manually freed of rock. Our site is located on several small ledges that have been cleared by hand. You'll occasionally find old oxygen bottles here and other remnants from past expeditions. This is probably the windiest campsite on the mountain, open to all the wind coming from the west and northwest. The site is spectacular—from the tents you can look all the way down to ABC. We intend to start using oxygen at Camp V, which is about the elevation of the South Col on the south side of Everest (26,000 feet).

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