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climbing Report from Base Camp
by Audrey Salkeld
May 5, 1996

The team left at 5:45 this morning and are now resting at Camp 2, where they will probably stay an extra night. It is very windy up there. David has reported that the forecast is good at least until the 8th. We are getting regular weather reports from Danish meteorologists via Mal Duff's camp.

Here is an update to the general information in the 2nd May report:

  • Goran, the lone Swede, was forced to abandon his summit attempt in the vicinity of the Hillary Step, on account of deep snow. The word is: Goran will probably try again.

  • The Spanish brothers gave up somewhat lower.

  • The Yugoslavs were abandoned by their Sherpas on the South Col and came down also, but the rumor is a small group with some reconciled Sherpas are going to try again.

  • At the time of this writing, I have heard nothing of the Frenchman who is somewhere on the mountain.

  • The pilot of the Pilatus Porter, which did appear to fly around—or very close to—the summit during Goran's attempt, reported seeing another climber on top (obviously from the Northern side).

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