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Filed By Liesl Clark
May 23, 1996

They Made It!

10:55 a.m. Everest Time: At 2:45 (Eastern Daylight Time) we received a call from Base Camp. "They've made it to the summit! The team is all fine. We're thrilled! They should be down to Camp 4 in 4 hours." David has reportedly lost his voice so he is unable to talk directly to Base Camp. Ed, climbing without oxygen, reached the summit 2 hours before the team and is 2 hours away from Camp 4. "Ed went on ahead because he's climbing without oxygen. It's best for him to keep moving," reports Base Camp. "We were able to hook Jamling (on the summit) up with his wife in Darjeeling by satellite phone. He's on top of the world! And Araceli reports that she's hungry!" Five Sherpas also made it with the team, carrying the camera, batteries, film, and lenses. "It was a tense morning," says Liz Cohen from Base Camp. "It's a beautiful day and the weather should hold for a safe descent."

4:15 p.m. Everest Time: Seven a.m. (EDT) and David has reached Camp 4 a few hours behind Ed. The others are just behind and will surely make it in safely. The phone at Base Camp is ringing off the hook as well wishers call in their congratulations. "It's been a long haul, but we're all so glad everyone's safe and down to the South Col," reports Liz Cohen. "We can barely hear David on the radio, but he still sounds good. I'll send you a detailed dispatch in the morning."

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