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The Great Inca Rebellion
Web site credits

Web Site Credits

Lauren Aguirre, Executive Editor
Rima Chaddha, Assistant Editor
Brenden Kootsey, Senior Web Developer
David Levin, Assistant Editor
Susan K. Lewis, Editor
Melissa Salpietra, Editorial Assistant
Peter Tyson, Editor in Chief
Anya Vinokour, Senior Designer
Li Wei, Designer

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John Guilmartin Jr., Ohio State University

Image Credits 
The Great Inca Rebellion homepage
Image composite: (skull with blue cloth) Courtesy Guillermo Cock; (battle scene) Courtesy Heidi Christenson

The Producer's Story
Images: (skull with blue cloth, skull with weapon holes, skeletal hand) Courtesy Guillermo Cock; (Pizarro) © Bettmann/CORBIS; (Graham Townsley) Courtesy Graham Townsley

Rise of the Inca
Images: (map of Incan expansion, Pachacuti illustration, Inca cloth) Public domain/source:; (Alexander the Great) © Araldo de Luca/CORBIS; (Inca road, camelids in Andes)© Tomasz Resiak; (Peruvian mask)© Carlos Santa Maria/Santa Maria Design Group; (Terence D'Altroy) Courtesy Terence D'Altroy

Outfitting for Battle
Images: (illustrations) Artwork by Angus McBride from The Conquistadors © Osprey Publishing Ltd.,

Grave Analysis
Images: (full skeleton, close-up of skeletal hand, crouched burial, burial with artifacts) Courtesy Guillermo Cock; (pelvis, tibia, cranium, lower jaw) Courtesy Melissa Murphy

TV Program Description
Image: (skull) Courtesy Guillermo Cock

Program credits

TV Program Credits

Edited by
Bonnie Cutler-Shear

Written and Produced by
Graham Townsley

Jay O. Sanders

Reuben Aaronson

Assistant Camera/STEADICAM
Guillermo Garcia

Associate Producers
Heidi Christenson
Lisa Modarelli-Werner

Field Associate Producer
Deborah McLaughlan

Production Manager
Neetu Chopra

Production Coordinator
Wesley Della Volla

Post Production Supervisor
Averi Livingston

Aaron Keane
Eric Johnson

Sound Recordist
Guillermo Palacios

Additional Sound
Joe Maggio
Doug Gritzmacher

Additional Camera
Guillermo Garcia
Pedro Neira
Petr Cikhart
Dave Adams
Cesar Vallejos

Recreations Art Department
Ana Mari Pomaredo
Laura Quijandro
Guillermo Isa
Berta Cabrejos
Alberto Floriano

Graphics and Animation
Bully! Entertainment

Audio Mix
Mark Lucas
Willie Elias

Assistant Editor
Dave Hogan

Archival Material
AKG Images
Art Resource
Direct Holdings
Guillermo Cock

Special Thanks
RJ Lee Group, Inc.
Henry C. Lee Institute, University of New Haven
Oro del Peru
Armas del Mundo
Fundacion Miguel Mujica Gallo
Ensemble Studios/Microsoft Game Studios

Executive Producer For National Geographic Television
John Bredar


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yU + co.

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Walter Werzowa
John Luker
Musikvergnuegen, Inc.

Additional NOVA Theme Music
Ray Loring

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Mark Steele

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The Caption Center

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Eileen Campion
Anna Lowi
Yumi Huh
Lindsay de la Rigaudiere

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Linda Callahan

Unit Manager
Carla Raimer

Raphael Nemes

Talent Relations
Scott Kardel, Esq.
Janice Flood

Legal Counsel
Susan Rosen Shishko

Assistant Editor
Alex Kreuter

Associate Producer, Post Production
Patrick Carey

Post Production Supervisor
Regina O'Toole

Post Production Editor
Rebecca Nieto

Post Production Manager
Nathan Gunner

Supervising Producer
Stephen Sweigart

Business Manager
Joseph P. Tracy

Producers, Special Projects
Susanne Simpson
Lisa Mirowitz

Coordinating Producer
Laurie Cahalane

Senior Science Editor
Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

Managing Director
Alan Ritsko

Senior Executive Producer
Paula S. Apsell

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