The Great Inca Rebellion

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Inca Mummies: Secrets of a Lost World
On this Web site from National Geographic magazine, read an interview with archeologist Guillermo Cock, view an online documentary on the excavation of Inca burial grounds at Puruchuco, Peru, take an interactive look inside an Incan mummy bundle, and much more.

Learn about the Spanish conquistadors and the legacy of their contact with Native Americans.

Civilizations in America
Washington State University provides this Web resource on the Incas and other ancient civilizations in the Americas. View a photo gallery, browse a time line of South American history, and more.

Bodies of Evidence
Explore forensic science and its use in archeological investigations around the world.

The Khipu Database Project
On this Harvard University Web site, discover the intricate method of communication and record keeping that the Inca developed using knotted ropes called khipu.


The Incas
by Terence D'Altroy. Blackwell Publishing, 2003.

The Last Days of the Incas
by Kim MacQuarrie. Simon & Schuster, 2007

The Conquistador: 1492-1550
by John Pohl and Adam Hook. Osprey Publishing, 2001.

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Lost King of the Maya
Using ancient hieroglyphs and new excavations, archeologists investigate the rise and fall of the majestic city of Copan.

Search for the Lost Cave People
Caves lining a rugged canyon deep in the Chiapas jungle hold clues to the little-known Zoque people.

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