Careers at NOVA

Unity3D Developer

NOVA is looking for a Unity3D developer for a 3-month contract starting in Feb 2016.

The developer will have significant experience using Unity to develop games. Ideally they have used the Unity universe sandbox or other celestial-body plugin. This developer will be supported by in-house NOVA staff consisting of a content producer, project manager, senior developer, and UX designer. Developer must have successfully launched at least one Application in the iTunes App Store. Experience exporting to WebGL will be considered a plus.

In the game as currently imagined, players will be sun-like stars, challenged to engulf other stars by using the gravitational assist provided by black holes. The game will offer a range of clues, or filters, to help players find the black holes, such as the gravitational waves (predicted to be detected by LIGO), electromagnetic radiation, or a space-time grid that shows the deep curvatures created by a massive black hole. Players who get too close to a black hole will cross its event horizon and disappear. But players who are successful in engulfing enough other stars will become massive enough to collapse into a stellar black hole themselves. Those who stay with the game long enough may succeed in becoming a supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy. The game will be both educational and entertaining.

The application will play video using an API to PBS video server. This video does not need to be integrated into the gameplay but will reside within the app.

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