Our Thanks

NOVA Labs would not exist without the contributions of time, talent, and resources from the following people.

Student Advisors

  • Sam B
    Sam B. Needham, MA
  • Meiling B
    Meiling B. Arlington, MA
  • Jake B
    Jake B. Milton, MA
  • Jakob C
    Jakob C. Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
  • Ryan C
    Ryan C. Newton, MA
  • Tess C
    Tess C. Taunton, MA
  • Ryan D
    Ryan D. Westwood, MA
  • Sam F
    Sam F. Scituate, MA
  • Alana L
    Alana L. Franklin, MA
  • Meg L
    Meg L. South Hamilton, MA
  • Ned M
    Ned M. Boston, MA
  • Eva M
    Eva M. Cambridge, MA
  • Xuelong M
    Xuelong M. Boston, MA
  • Callum N
    Callum N. New York, NY
  • Jonathan P
    Jonathan P. Needham, MA
  • Ben P
    Ben P. Wayland, MA
  • Will R
    Will R. Brookline, MA
  • Justin R
    Justin R. Sudbury, MA
  • Ben R
    Ben R. Cambridge, MA
  • Greg S
    Greg S. Boston, MA
  • Isabel S
    Isabel S. Newton, MA
  • Zoe S
    Zoe S. Wellesley, MA
  • Mia S
    Mia S. Cambridge, MA
  • Sam S
    Sam S. Medway, MA
  • Cooper T
    Cooper T. Chicago, IL
  • Andrew W
    Andrew W. Lexington, MA
  • Taylor Y
    Taylor Y. Newton, MA
  • Ben Z
    Ben Z. Medfield, MA

NOVA Labs Team

  • Lauren Aguirre
    Lauren Aguirre Director of Digital Media
  • Ralph Bouquet
    Ralph Bouquet Outreach Coordinator
  • David Condon
    David Condon Editorial Director
  • Jennifer Doherty
    Jennifer Doherty Associate Producer
  • Caz Downing-Bryant
    Caz Downing-Bryant Senior Developer
  • Catherine Flynn
    Catherine Flynn Intern
  • Dan  Hart
    Dan Hart Senior Developer
  • Tyler Howe
    Tyler Howe Senior Designer
  • Kathy Neal
    Kathy Neal Lead Producer
  • Alex Rosenthal
    Alex Rosenthal Content Producer

Former NOVA Labs Staff

  • Steven Bedard, Producer
    Sun Lab
    Energy Lab
    Cloud Lab
  • Diana Cole, Outreach Coordinator
    RNA Lab
  • Rachel Connolly, Education Director
    Sun Lab
    Energy Lab
    Cloud Lab
  • Maiken Lilley, Education Coordinator
    Sun Lab
    Energy Lab
    Cloud Lab
  • Tacita Morway, Senior Developer
    Sun Lab
    Energy Lab
  • Anna Pinkert, Associate Producer
    Energy Lab
  • Anna Rothschild, Associate Producer
    Sun Lab
    Energy Lab
    Cloud Lab
  • Lynne Sandler, Project Manager
    Sun Lab

Special Thanks

Kristine Allington (NOVA), Michael Bao (Eterna Project), Aayush Dawra (Eterna Project), Jonathan Ellenberger (WGBH Digital), Allison Gillette (NOVA), Nick Guy (NOAA), Vincent Keith Hughitt (ESA/NASA Helioviewer Project), Jack Ireland (ESA/NASA Helioviewer Project), Alex Jones (WGBH Digital), Katharine Reeves (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), Angela Rowe (University of Washington), Michael Steadman (WGBH Digital), Yingna Su (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)

Image Credits

Homepage: Wind turbines: © (wind turbines); (solar flare); NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (hurricane eye); Janet Iwasa and Qa'ed Mai (composite of 3D RNA molecule and molecular machine),  © (binary code)

Sun Lab landing page: NASA/SDO/ (various high-frequency images of the sun)

Energy Lab landing page: © (city at night); © (solar panels); © (power lines at sunset)

Energy Lab Research Challenge: © (wind turbine background image on intro screen); renewable technology icons designed by Cree from The Noun Project

Cloud Lab landing page: SSAI/NASA, Hal Pierce (TRMM satellite image)

Cloud Lab Reconstructing a Storm Research Challenge "Inside the Megastorm" video: Dragonfly and WGBH Educational Foundation

RNA Lab landing page: Qa'ed Mai (molecular machines)